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About me

I find endless inspiration within all aspects of life- from the cycles that we live in through nature, our bodies and minds, and most importantly the stories that make us who we are. I find that using a variety of media within a work allows for each element to be expressed to its full potential. I love the challenge of making found and available items work together to create a unified piece. By utilizing digital programs, the potential for great art and design is endless. My art training started from a young age at home with a creative family, progressed through high school and college art classes, and continues today through exposure to all kinds of art and design as well as creating something daily.


Artist Statement

I’ve always been drawn to the human figure, expressive photography, great typography, and stories. Mixed media and graphic design allow me to combine all of the elements of art and design that I love. Layering together textures, patterns, colors, and words lends to a unique outcome.

My fine art focus has primarily been on people because I find the depths of mystery and power in a soul to be endless. A portrait to me is more than a likeness of someone. Portraits are an opportunity to further explore and express different facets of myself. I often juxtapose personal elements into these pieces, ultimately creating a connection between myself and the person looking at it in a sense. I'm constantly exploring my own experiences and the ways they resonate in my life. By creating these portraits I am able to show the character I’ve created in my mind.   By focusing on the eyes and body language, the clothing and symbolism, and overall mood, I can truly express the nature of that person as I wish. Each one of my finished artworks is a collection of ideas and things pieced together to become a visually unified concept. Finding relationships between things where they didn’t exist before is an underlying theme in what I create. The parts are still individually meaningful, but as a whole, something else. The moments I feel the magic happening is when I find the perfect fit of paper scraps, mix the ideal color, or see the expression in a portrait come alive.

Graphic Design has allowed me to combine my love of the fine arts with other loves: typography, colors phycology, and storytelling. From bringing my own imaginations to fruition for others to see, to helping a client communicate their messages in a skillful, efficient, and aesthetic way, graphic design applications allow all of these things to be a possibility.

I love playing with a mistake until it works, and more often than not, it is better than the original plan, as is in life. Knowing that I pushed past the difficult mental blocks and came out on the other side, is satisfying and refuels me to keep creating. My hope for each person who views my art is that it holds their attention, and has a message for them. I hope they find a connection to themselves and in essence to me. Art that speaks to souls and minds and not just eyes connects people. It is the most important art of all.

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